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Headshot session

Our headshot sessions offer a no-frills approach, meant to be quick, efficient, and cost-effective. Please note that professional hair and makeup services are not included.

For headshots, our pricing is simple. It's a $400 nonrefundable retainer, which includes one full resolution digital image. You can add a second image for an additional $250, making the total $650. Alternatively, you can choose a collection of five images for $1000.


The pricing of a branding or personal session is a split payment between the session retainer fee and the cost of the products.

The session retainer is $500 and covers the design service of your session, including a discovery call to discuss your session goals, a design and styling consultation to plan your wardrobe and accessories, and a professional hair and makeup transformation on the day of the shoot.

For more details about what the session investment covers, please visit our Investment page.


Session Investment: $500
Individual images: $400 each
Collections start at $2000 for 10 images

Wall Portraits

Our wall portraits are our staple product. At Poplight Photography, we believe that images are meant to be seen, and if they are going to be seen, why not do it in majestic fashion. 

This isn't your drugstore 1-hour print. Our wall portraits come imported from Italy and are placed onto HD fine art paper, some of the finest quality of papers in the photography industry. You image then gets placed onto the paper using pigments instead of ink, giving you unmatched dynamic range throughout the print, capturing your image the way it was meant to be. It then gets matted into our gallery-ready Mega Mats™, having 4 inches of beautiful white mat on each side of your print. It is then encased into our UV protected glass frame making sure your beautiful print will live on for generations.

This whole process gives you the ultimate form of art in portrait photography and is like bringing an art gallery piece into your home.

We have three size levels for the wall portraits:

Standard Wall Portrait: The Standard Wall Portrait is when you might not have a lot of wall space, but you still want to have an area with a beautiful piece of décor. The short side of this PRINT is 16", giving you 3 size choices in this range; 16"x16", 16"x20", and 16"x24". (additional size added with Mega Mat™ and frame.)

Statement Wall Portrait: The Statement Wall Portrait is sized to be noticed. When you have the Statement on your wall, every guest that walks through your door will have to stop and look. How can you not? The short side of this PRINT is 24", giving you 3 size choices in this range; 24"24", 24"x30", 24"x36". (additional size added with Mega Mat™ and frame.)

Royalty Wall Portrait: Have you ever seen the wall portraits of past royal family in Buckingham Palace? The Royalty Wall Portrait is supposed to bring a little bit of that feeling into your home. These are the prints that take center stage in a living room, man cave, lady lair, or office. The short side of this PRINT is 30", giving you 3 size choices in this range; 30"x30", 30"x40", and 30"x45". (additional size added with Mega Mat™ and frame.)

Collection Boxes

Our collections boxes are made up of a gorgeous walnut finish. There are two versions of the box; one that has a solid wood lid, hiding away any portraits you might not want to put on display, which also keeping your matted prints protected. The other option is having a crystal clear tempered glass reveal opening that holds your print in front of a magnetic insert  that allows you to have a hero image. You can rotate your images to the front of your collection box , giving you a fresh image to display as often as you like.

The boxes are completely lined inside with a soft almost suede-like material, making sure to keep your prints protected from damage. The internal hinges have a brushed metal finish and are quiet slow-shut hinges, making sure the lid doesn't come slamming down.

The boxes come in two different sizes; an 8"x10" which comes with 5"x7" matted prints as well as an 11"x14" box that comes with 8"x10" matted prints.

Each box has a capacity of 20 prints, allowing you to fit our largest collection into one box. If you decide to with a different print count, you can partially fill the box and have a false bottom added, filling the box with prints from a later session.

All boxes come with soft white gloves, so you can handle your prints safely. These beautiful walnut boxes are the perfect option whether you want to display your portraits or be sure they stay protected.


Our albums come in two different cover options. The first is our Tuscany series, which is a beautiful album made of Tuscany leather, named after where these albums are made. The Tuscany series comes in two color options; Cinnamon and black.

Our other option is our Evolution series, which is made of non-animal origin materials, its a more vegan coating option. This album has a beautiful smooth and matte finish, giving your album a modern look.

Both albums are printed on fine art Hahnemühle, where each album is checked sheet by sheet by our printing specialists, allowing all details to be reproduced with great precision. Each album comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as an official document, emitted at the time of printing on Hahnemühle paper..

It thus becomes a document that guarantees the true origin and authorship of the work, being signed and validated by its author and printer. A truly beautiful work of art.

The sizes options for these albums come in either Compact or Grand.


12 x16 - (vertical)

14 x14 - (square)

16 x 12 - (horizontal)

12 x16

14 x14

16 x 12


8 x12 - (vertical)

10 x10 - (square)

12 x 8 - (horizontal)

8 x12

10 x10

12 x 8