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Session Investment

The Booking Retainer serves as a retainer to officially book and reserve the date of your photo session and  covers the design service of your session. Included in your session are:

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is a phone/zoom call where we begin the discussion of what you're looking from a personalized photo session. We discuss the purpose and if you'd like anyone to join your during your session, show you available products and their cost.

It's also a fantastic time to answer any questions that you may have about the process, and making sure that we are a good fit to work together. 

Design and Styling Consultation

Design and Styling Consultation

The Design & Styling Consultation is when we start choosing the styling for the images. You've picked out the mood for images during the Discovery Call, and now we start establishing the wardrobe, hair and makeup, any jewelry, accessories, or props you want to bring during your photo session, whether that is a stunning gown, a well pressed business suit, a piece of intimate apparel, or a mix of all three. Every session is fully customized for every client.

We schedule your Design & Styling Consultation with ample time from the date of your photo session so if you get any new ideas of what you want to include, you'll have time to acquire it.

The collected information will then be used to create mood boards that will help drive the look of your session, making sure we create everything that you want.

Professional Hair & Makeup

On the day of the photoshoot, we bring in a professional hair and makeup artist to give you a hair and makeup transformation. We want you to be comfortable in your look, so it can be as glammed up or as toned down as you'd like.

When you pair the hair and makeup transformation with gorgeous outfits, it will fill you with confidence and the desire to strut your stuff right afterwards during the photo session.


Many people find a photo session to be intimidating or scary because they've built the event up to be a grandiose event. In reality, it isn't! When you decide to book with me, I make it a mission to be sure that my sessions are relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. There might be some poorly timed dancing while we rock out to some of your favorite songs. I fully guide you through the entire session, as you move through pose to pose, creating the most flattering images of yourself that you've ever seen. We'll have you go through all your outfit choices during the session. 

Afterwards, you take an hour break, and you will then make your images choices after I've added some basic adjustments to the images. We'll discuss any adjustments you'll want to make to the portraits to finalize the print.

Professional Retouching

After you've chosen your images at the end of the photo session, they get sent to our high-end retoucher where they will complete the images, adding the magazine-style touch.

Soon after that, we send the images to our lab in Italy, where they will place your image on archival paper, using archival pigments giving it a gallery ready finish. They then place the print inside of a beautiful mat, album, or wall art, making sure that your art work stays protected for a very long time.

If you decided you wanted to go with an album, we lay out the images prior to sending the images to the lab, making sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. Once we get your approval, we send the design to our lab.

With such a detailed process, it can take 4-6 weeks for your final products.

Image Delivery

Once your prints have been been received, we then schedule a date and time to have your products picked up. We will finally be able to hold your art work as we reveal the end result of your personalized photo session. We verify that everything is complete and to your liking.

You can now display your portraits however and wherever you'd like.